Safe delivery in all climates

1 in 5 children worldwide don’t get the medication they need (WHO). Our technology dries liquid vaccines and drugs into robust dry powders—making them safer, easier and significantly cheaper to transport.

Safe delivery in all climates

Biologics are one of the world’s fastest-growing new therapies. Yet 80% are formulated as costly, difficult-to-transport liquids. Our technology formulates peptides, enzymes, antibodies and other biologics as robust dry powders.

Safe delivery in all climates

The world’s pharma market will grow 50% by 2024. When our technology dries a liquid solution a new chemical Intellectual Property is created, which we can patent and licence out. Accessing new IP licenses for new dry powder formulations gives pharma companies a crucial competitive edge.

Formulating drugs as dry powders

Ziccum develops new dry powder preparations of biological pharmaceuticals – unlocking new patents and new markets.

From gentleness—strength

Our technology gently air dries liquid therapies and chemicals into stable dry powders that can be transported safely and cost-effectively—with no need for costly cold storage or refrigeration.

New markets, new biologics, new patents

We believe that transforming drug formulation can fundamentally transform a company’s product portfolio, its intellectual property and where and how it can develop, manage and transport its treatments.

Ziccum: Safe delivery in all climates