LaminarPace: From gentleness—strength

FAQ 1: What is LaminarPace?

LaminarPace is a patented technology that gently dries chemicals, vaccines, biologics and drug substances at room temperature, keeping their active ingredient intact. The technology has successfully dried over 100 different types of biologics and chemicals, including peptides and antibodies.
Current conventional drying technologies either freeze or bake substances. Operating at -80 °C or +80 °C means there is little chance of delicate, temperature-sensitive materials, like proteins and peptides, remaining active after being dried.
By micronizing substances at room temperature, LaminarPace produces robust, active dry powder versions of delicate biologics, peptides, proteins and antibodies. 80% of biologic therapies are currently formulated as liquid solutions, making them costly and difficult to handle and transport.
Harnessing the Intellectual Property rights on new dry powder versions of therapies is a key component of LaminarPace’s business and scientific potential. Ziccum intends to use its LaminarPace technology to begin creating new versions of dry powder therapies—as old therapies go off-patent, and new ones are developed. Each substance will be available for licensing for pharmaceutical companies looking to build and protect their product portfolio.
LaminarPace Patent reference: US application #12/674,562–

FAQ 2: How does LaminarPace work?

The process delivers low material losses. Over 100 different types of biologics and chemicals have been dried using the LaminarPace system

FAQ 3: Who is behind LaminarPace?

LaminarPace was invented by world aerosol authority Dr Per Gerde, Associate Professor of Inhalation Toxicology, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet. As CSO of Inhalation Sciences AB (ISAB), Dr Gerde originally developed LaminarPace for drying pharmaceutical Candidate Drugs to be used in ISAB’s core technology, PreciseInhale. Realizing that LaminarPace had an extensive number of uses beyond ISAB’s core market, in 2017 LaminarPace was spun-out from ISAB into Ziccum AB—its goal to commercialize the technology towards a wider audience.