Ziccum achieves proof-of-concept in new antibody study

19 February, 2018

80% of human immunoglobulin antibodies, used to treat a wide range of diseases, are formulated as liquids, which can mean they are fragile, unstable and costly to transport. New results show that Ziccum AB’s spray drying instrument LaminarPace can produce a stable dry powder form of immunoglobulin antibodies—with confirmed activity. ‘This is an important milestone,’ says Ziccum CEO Göran Conradson.

The tests, carried out in ISAB’s labs, dried three samples of liquid Immunoglobulin G (IgG) at room temperature, achieving high yields of powder. 25.5 mg of dry powder IgG was generated from a sample volume of 2 mL containing 30 mg of IgG, a yield of 85%. After the dry powder had been reconstituted back into water, the antibodies were confirmed active.

Ziccum AB CEO Göran Conradson: “This is a resounding proof of concept for LaminarPace. Being able to dry antibodies, hugely increases their stability and allows companies to keep them biologically active. It confirms our conviction that LaminarPace can help research, pharma and healthcare organizations everywhere reach new findings and markets.”

Ziccum AB, an ISAB subsidiary, has recently attracted capital funding of 2 MSEK. Ziccum expects to be listed independently in Q4 2018. Its flagship product, LaminarPace system, dries biologics, vaccines, drug substances and chemicals at room temperature—transforming often delicate, difficult-to-transport liquids, into stable, effective dry powders that require no refrigeration or cold storage.