Ziccum releases detailed antibody data from successful proof-of-concept test

20 February, 2018

Approx. 450 human antibodies are currently being developed to treat a wide range of diseases—but many are formulated as liquids, risking instability and attrition in clinical trials. Ziccum AB now releases full data from its recent proof-of-concept test showing how LaminarPace dries human antibodies into stable, active dry powders. The data include SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images, and more.

Ziccum’s spray drying tool LaminarPace has successfully dried proteins before, but this was its first test specifically on antibodies. Ziccum AB CEO Göran Conradson: “This is a resounding proof of concept for LaminarPace. Being able to dry antibodies hugely increases their accessibility whilst keeping them biologically active. It confirms that LaminarPace can help research, pharma and healthcare organizations everywhere reach new findings and markets.”

The new data from proof-of-concept test can be downloaded HERE.  They include SEM images, Yield, particle size distribution and turbidimetry on precipitation. The tests dried three samples at room temperature, achieving high yields. 25.54 mg of dry powder IgG was gathered from 2 mL, a yield of 84.7%. The antibodies remained active after being dried.