Ziccum at World Vaccine Congress Barcelona

Ziccum Scientific Director Fabrice Rose and Quality Specialist Fatemeh Norouzi attended the World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona, October 16 – 19, spreading the word on Ziccum’s unique drying and formulation technology LaminarPace and how it enables new delivery and stability possibilities for next-generation vaccines.

Fatemeh Norouzi: “This was a fascinating event with many standouts – the  presentation by WHO Technical Officer & Project Manager Mateusz Hasso-Agopsowicz highlighting the challenges of needle-delivered vaccines and exploring the advantages of alternative routes such as Nasal and Oral was excellent”.

Ziccum’s LaminarPace dries liquid solution vaccines as dry thermostable powders highly suitable for new dosage forms. “Interest in more stable delivery forms for vaccines was high” says Norouzi ,“but the hottest tickets were without doubt for the mRNA vaccine presentations – for these every seat was taken”.

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