Ziccum in ‘Inhaled Biologics’ live webinar with KOL Assoc Prof. Per Gerde

Are you a formulation scientist trying to develop new, more stable formulations of biopharmaceuticals? On Monday Dec 11 Ziccum experts are special guests at a live scientific webinar on ‘Inhaled Biologics’ with inhalation Key Opinion Leader Assoc. Prof. Per Gerde. Ziccum COO Xavier Turon  and CEO Ann Gidner will take part.

The webinar will cover: i) how LaminarPace, Ziccum’s Mass Transfer technology, uniquely formulates and dries biologics, without exposing them to extreme temperatures, as stable, bioactive dry powders that are highly suited for inhalation, and ii) Preclinical Testing solutions for Inhalable Formulations.

The Webinar is part of a series for industry developers hosted by Inhalation Sciences AB. This session, part of that series, is titled “INHALED BIOLOGICS: Realization and Preclinical Testing of Dry Powder Formulations”.

Inhalable solid dose forms of biologics including next-generation mRNA vaccines are of great interest to the biopharmaceutical industry at the moment, promising increased storage stability, simplified patient administration and an ability to stimulate the mucosal immune system. LaminarPace was originally developed by Associate Professor Gerde specifically to dry liquid biologics for inhalation.

You can Register and Enroll for the Webinar here.