Ziccum CEO: new BioStock presentation

A new presentation by Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner describes how new robust formulations of mRNA/LNP vaccines and therapeutics that do not require cryogenic storage or special handling can be generated by the company’s unique technology with particle properties and vaccine activity intact. It follows the company’s recent announcement of a third industry Feasibility Study, with a Biomanufacturing corporation specializing in vaccines.

Watch the BioStock presentation here.

The presentation – ‘Enabling Delivery & Solving Stability for Biologics and mRNA’ – describes the outstanding potential of the company’s technology in todays ‘new mRNA era’ in biopharmaceuticals.

The company has now signed three funded collaborations with major Pharma or Biopharma corporations evaluating its LaminarPace system. Two of the projects are on mRNA/LNP materials and one for lentiviruses.