Ziccum heads West in 2024 to J P Morgan Week & Longwood Healthcare Leaders CEO Conference

Ziccum heads West in 2024, Jan 6 – 11, San Francisco. Book now to meet Ziccum and hear the latest news and data on our thermostable mRNA/LNP projects and unique formulation & drying technology, that turns liquid biologics into robust powders needing no cryogenic storage or delicate handling.

On January 6–7, CEO Ann Gidner attends the exclusive Longwood Healthcare Leaders CEO conference, joining Biotech CEOs, KOLs and investors for off-the-record discussions to drive collaboration and accelerate investment in healthcare.

On January 8–11, CEO Ann Gidner attends theJPMorgan Annual Healthcare Conference week, the most important gathering of Pharmaceutical Industry leaders and healthcare investors in the US. Meetings are booked with existing and potential new Partner Corporations and their leadership representatives.

MAJOR US INTEREST. Ziccum attended events in the US in June, July and October in 2023, generating significant interest in its unique technology that has landed three major Feasibility agreements with industry leaders in the last six months.

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