Ziccum presents at industry webinar ‘Inhaled Biologics’

On Dec’ 11 Ziccum won extensive interest in its unique technology for formulating and drying liquid biologics, LaminarPace, from a specialist audience of international  inhaled drug development scientists from Europe, the US and Asia. The event, industry webinar ‘Inhaled Biologics’, was organized by Inhalation Sciences AB.

The webinar was the latest in a series organized by Inhalation Sciences, each one co-hosted by an invited expert, this time Ziccum. Ziccum COO Xavier Turon presented LaminarPace and the latest data on its formulation and drying of liquid mRNA/LNP into bioactive thermostable dry powder.

CEO Ann Gidner and Scientific Director Fabrice Rose took the dynamic Q&A session, which drew many enquiring and detailed questions from the specialist audience of scientists working in inhaled drug development

The Webinar included a Case Study by Inhalation Sciences CSO Assoc Prof Per Gerde, the original inventor of LaminarPace.

CEO Ann Gidner: “it was a pleasure to take part and to hear the clear interest of participants in a solution that can enable new delivery forms and solve many of the stability challenges of next-generation Biologics”.