MT 2023: Ziccum CFO Johny Humaloja on a standout 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members are sharing their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, CFO Johny Humaloja on Ziccum’s financial performance in 2023 and what lies ahead.

“This year Ziccum has reached many significant milestones – forging new agreements, progressing revenue-generating projects and delivering promising readouts.

We have done all this whilst systematically reducing costs. The revenues generated in 2023 will be a useful contribution to extending our runway in the near-term. Further ahead, 2023’s combination of agility, focus and discipline will keep enabling us to deliver too.

In 2024 we need to continue to focus on our targets following the strategic plan and continue to look for partners to accelerate growth. The results in 2023 show that we have the leadership, plan and culture to meet our challenges, and I am delighted to have joined Ziccum. 2024 will be an exciting year”.