MT 2023: Ziccum Scientific Director Fabrice Rose on an intensive 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members are sharing their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, Scientific Director Fabrice Rose on Ziccum’s intensive scientific year and ongoing studies.

“The standout for me in 2023 is how well our established Trial Methodology has served us. It has enabled us to:

i) execute and deliver on time in our two ongoing partner projects
ii) be positive, proactive partners
iii) build knowledge of how our technology best works, especially around mRNA/LNP

The mRNA therapeutic/vaccine field is growing a lot, every company is learning so much. It’s important for us to follow and to integrate the new knowledge produced in the area. mRNA/LNPs are complex in their composition and pretty fragile. So, we need to make sure we set the right parameters and have the right groundwork in place even before the formal Feasibility study begins.

That is what our Trial Methodology does. We design and develop parameters (statistical and quality parameters, best excipients, which quality attributes to assess and so on) early on, before the formal study begins.

When you work with excellent partners like ours you have to establish the trial format, knowledge base and what will be possible from the outset. The methodology has performed excellently this year. We have delivered all our goals in both projects on time and I’m sure the method will continue to deliver knowledge and results in 2024”.