MT 2023: Ziccum Chief Operating Officer Xavier Turon on an industrious 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members share their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, COO Xavier Turon on his first months with the company.

Arriving at Ziccum in October 2023 was an exciting journey. I have enjoyed hitting the ground running and learning more about the business and technology onsite here in Lund from my excellent colleagues in the Ziccum team. This year we have continued making progress on our parallel development projects – which are both key to developing LaminarPace as a novel unit of pharmaceutical production which can ultimately be integrated into industrial manufacturing processes.

With our internal technology development project optimizing LaminarPace we have carried out important work which I we believe will positively impact the drying capacity of the system, particularly around our nebulizer and equipment process parameters, all tied closely together with our IP work. For 2024 we will seek to consolidate this progress into a new generation of the equipment as we move towards our first scaleout of LaPa from a single-drying-column system to a multi-column system.

In parallel our ‘LaPa Sim’ 3D modeling and digital twin project, carried out in partnership with the Institute of Computational Physics at ZHAW, has had great progress in important Work Packages which impact the drying capacity, powder quality and our powder collector.

It’s an exciting development and I’m very happy to be part of it. It’s going to be a busy year!