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Ziccum CEO presentation generates keen interest at Europe’s largest industry mRNA event

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner presented Ziccum’s robust new mRNA/LNP results, and Scientific Director Fabrice Rose hosted a well-attended poster session at the mRNA Summit.

CEO Ann Gidner delivered a detailed 30-minute presentation to an audience of 50 – 60 mRNA professionals, including a wide range of senior industry executives, at the mRNA-based Therapeutics Summit Europe 2024 conference in Berlin. An active Q&A session at the end of the presentation included many detailed, relevant questions from an engaged audience.

CEO Ann Gidner: “at this Conference the discussion focused more on practical implementation and handling issues. How we can overcome the inherent stability issues with mRNA/LNP was a much larger topic, it was addressed by many speakers. We can help solve those challenges – we have made so much progress in the mRNA field recently with solid, validated data. So our presentation generated keen interest. It was great to be here”.

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Join Ziccum Chairman at a Live Digital Press Conference and Q&A, Tues Jan’ 23 1300

Put your questions on Ziccum’s new share issue and financing agreement to Chairman Fredrik Sjövall at a live digital Press Conference with Direkt Studios and Investor Targeting. The event will take place in Swedish.

Investors can submit their questions in advance or during the live event, via chat. To submit in advance please send your questions to event Moderator Kaarlo Airaxin :

To attend the event, go to:

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Ziccum to present further positive mRNA/LNP data at Europe’s largest industry mRNA event

Join Ziccum, as CEO Ann Gidner presents the company’s excellent new mRNA/LNP results, generated in both internal and partnered projects, at the mRNA-based Therapeutics Summit Europe 2024 in Berlin.

Ziccum is represented by CEO Ann Gidner and Scientific Director Fabrice Rose. The Ziccum presentation on Wednesday 24 January at 14.15, includes highlights of Ziccum’s recent results confirming LaminarPace’s ability to turn mRNA/LNP liquid biological material into a thermostable dry powder, retaining excellent mRNA activity, requiring no cryogenic handling and highly suited to novel delivery forms such as inhalation.

The presentation is titled ‘A Novel Unit Operation Successfully Drying mRNA/LNP by Mass Transfer’.

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MT 2023: Ziccum Chief Operating Officer Xavier Turon on an industrious 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members share their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, COO Xavier Turon on his first months with the company.

Arriving at Ziccum in October 2023 was an exciting journey. I have enjoyed hitting the ground running and learning more about the business and technology onsite here in Lund from my excellent colleagues in the Ziccum team. This year we have continued making progress on our parallel development projects – which are both key to developing LaminarPace as a novel unit of pharmaceutical production which can ultimately be integrated into industrial manufacturing processes.

With our internal technology development project optimizing LaminarPace we have carried out important work which I we believe will positively impact the drying capacity of the system, particularly around our nebulizer and equipment process parameters, all tied closely together with our IP work. For 2024 we will seek to consolidate this progress into a new generation of the equipment as we move towards our first scaleout of LaPa from a single-drying-column system to a multi-column system.

In parallel our ‘LaPa Sim’ 3D modeling and digital twin project, carried out in partnership with the Institute of Computational Physics at ZHAW, has had great progress in important Work Packages which impact the drying capacity, powder quality and our powder collector.

It’s an exciting development and I’m very happy to be part of it. It’s going to be a busy year!

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MT 2023: Ziccum Scientific Director Fabrice Rose on an intensive 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members are sharing their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, Scientific Director Fabrice Rose on Ziccum’s intensive scientific year and ongoing studies.

“The standout for me in 2023 is how well our established Trial Methodology has served us. It has enabled us to:

i) execute and deliver on time in our two ongoing partner projects
ii) be positive, proactive partners
iii) build knowledge of how our technology best works, especially around mRNA/LNP

The mRNA therapeutic/vaccine field is growing a lot, every company is learning so much. It’s important for us to follow and to integrate the new knowledge produced in the area. mRNA/LNPs are complex in their composition and pretty fragile. So, we need to make sure we set the right parameters and have the right groundwork in place even before the formal Feasibility study begins.

That is what our Trial Methodology does. We design and develop parameters (statistical and quality parameters, best excipients, which quality attributes to assess and so on) early on, before the formal study begins.

When you work with excellent partners like ours you have to establish the trial format, knowledge base and what will be possible from the outset. The methodology has performed excellently this year. We have delivered all our goals in both projects on time and I’m sure the method will continue to deliver knowledge and results in 2024”.

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MT 2023: Ziccum CFO Johny Humaloja on a standout 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members are sharing their reflections on the year in our series MT 2023. Today, CFO Johny Humaloja on Ziccum’s financial performance in 2023 and what lies ahead.

“This year Ziccum has reached many significant milestones – forging new agreements, progressing revenue-generating projects and delivering promising readouts.

We have done all this whilst systematically reducing costs. The revenues generated in 2023 will be a useful contribution to extending our runway in the near-term. Further ahead, 2023’s combination of agility, focus and discipline will keep enabling us to deliver too.

In 2024 we need to continue to focus on our targets following the strategic plan and continue to look for partners to accelerate growth. The results in 2023 show that we have the leadership, plan and culture to meet our challenges, and I am delighted to have joined Ziccum. 2024 will be an exciting year”.

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Join MT 2023 – Ziccum Management Team Review 2023

Throughout the winter break Ziccum Management Team members will be sharing their key learnings from the year, and what lies ahead, in our new series MT 2023. Today, CEO Ann Gidner introduces the series.

“This year we have strengthened the fantastic Ziccum team further with new appointments including new Operating and Financial officers. Throughout the winter break we will be offering their reflections of the year, in their area of expertise.

I think their experience and expertise will offer valuable insights to shareholders and stakeholders.

Our first MT 2023 will appear on 27 December, with Ziccum CFO Johny Humaloja.

Enjoy the series, and again – the warmest Season’s Greetings from all of us at Ziccum”.

Ann Gidner,

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Ziccum Christmas party crowns a successful year

On Friday 15 December, Ziccum crowned a successful year with a 2023 summary and seasonal celebration.

The Management Team presented a strategic review of 2024’s milestones, and the year ahead. Colleagues then enjoyed a ‘Glöggmingel’ complete with traditional Swedish spiced mulled wine and present opening around the tree, before heading out to dinner at a lovely French–themed restaurant in Malmö, southern Sweden.

CEO Ann Gidner: “it was great for us to gather together and really appreciate everything we’ve accomplished. You couldn’t wish for a better team!”

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Ziccum presents at industry webinar ‘Inhaled Biologics’

On Dec’ 11 Ziccum won extensive interest in its unique technology for formulating and drying liquid biologics, LaminarPace, from a specialist audience of international  inhaled drug development scientists from Europe, the US and Asia. The event, industry webinar ‘Inhaled Biologics’, was organized by Inhalation Sciences AB.

The webinar was the latest in a series organized by Inhalation Sciences, each one co-hosted by an invited expert, this time Ziccum. Ziccum COO Xavier Turon presented LaminarPace and the latest data on its formulation and drying of liquid mRNA/LNP into bioactive thermostable dry powder.

CEO Ann Gidner and Scientific Director Fabrice Rose took the dynamic Q&A session, which drew many enquiring and detailed questions from the specialist audience of scientists working in inhaled drug development

The Webinar included a Case Study by Inhalation Sciences CSO Assoc Prof Per Gerde, the original inventor of LaminarPace.

CEO Ann Gidner: “it was a pleasure to take part and to hear the clear interest of participants in a solution that can enable new delivery forms and solve many of the stability challenges of next-generation Biologics”.

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