Inhalation Sciences issues update on Ziccum listing plan

15 March, 2018

Inhalation Sciences has updated its listing plans for Ziccum AB including schedule and a new preliminary valuation.

Ziccum AB will apply for admission of the company’s shares to start trading on AktieTorget. Preparations for listing have begun and the listing process will last during the second and third quarter. The intention is for Ziccum to be noted in October 2018.

In conjunction with the listing, a listing issue will be carried out  with the goal of raising approx. 10 MSEK to support the commercialization rate of Ziccum’s spray drying technology, LaminarPace. Inhalation Sciences owners will have priority subscribtions to shares at an attractive valuation in the listing issue. Preliminary valuation is 15 MSEK (pre-money). Reconciliation date for the cancellation of subscription rights will be determined and communicated at a later date. Subscription rights will not be admitted to trading on any marketplace.

Fredrik Sjövall, Inhalation Sciences CEO: “Ziccum is making clear commercial progress and we are convinced that there is great value ​​in the company’s technology. From ISAB’s side, we want to enable increased commercialization by taking up growth capital in Ziccum. At the same time, we want to offer ISAB shareholders the opportunity to invest in Ziccum to a very attractive valuation. ”

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