Business model

Ziccum’s business model is to offer licenses and tech transfers to vaccine and biotherapeutics companies based on Ziccum's patent portfolio. The company's overall objective is to enter into one or more license agreements with one or more major pharmaceutical companies.

The Ziccum Business model

Licensing agreements

The path to a licensing agreement goes through a feasibility agreement and study and an application study where LaminarPace’s functionality and capacity are evaluated together with a partner. If successful, negotiations begin on a license agreement, primarily for a specific project or vaccine.

We believe that a prerequisite for being a relevant and attractive licensing partner is also being able to model what an industrial version of LaminarPace will look like when upscaled and integrated into a partner’s manufacturing operations. Ziccum therefore conducts its own continuous development projects on LaminarPace using a rigorous Quality by Design approach.

Additionally, Ziccum carries out extensive 3D modelling of LaminarPace to accelerate LaminarPace’s tech transfer, industrial development and scaleout as a unit of pharmaceutical production.

Industrial integration

External and non-dilutive funding

A third priority area is applications for external and non-dilutive funding for further development of the technology. Ziccum actively monitors announcements that suit the Company's area of operation and technical phase.