Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is at the heart of Ziccum’s strategic, business and operational focus. We stand firmly behind the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and believe that our technology can play a significant role, worldwide, in helping achieve them. With a strong focus on 6 key goals, we aim to place the UN SDGs at the heart of everything we do, and how we do it.

3. Good health and well-being

Increase global immunization coverage

The Ziccum Pledge aims to increase vaccine coverage for newborn babies from 85% to 95%

7. Affordable and clean energy

 Decrease energy consumption during manufacturing

Our technology reduces energy usage by 80% compared to conventional lyophilization

9. Industustry, innovation and infrastructure

 Pandemic preparedness – ramp up vaccine manufacturing capacity

Exigency to meet future challenges & to prevent interruption of existing childhood immunization programmes during pandemic times

10. reduced inequalities

 Equitable access to vaccines

Not only a moral imperative – the economic cost for the absence of global vaccine access is higher than the cost for ensuring it

13. Climate action

 Crack the vaccine cold chain

Transportation at room temperature instead of using the energy-intensive cold chain will result in fewer carbon emissions

17. Partnership for the Goals

 Global cooperation is key – let’s team up

No single organisation on its own can make all the changes needed to reduce cold chain dependency, global cooperation is key