Mass Transfer drying – a new unit of production

A new unit of production for the pharmaceutical industry

LaminarPace is being continuously developed to be integrated into the pharmaceutical manufacturing process as a complete unit of industrial production - from formulation through drying to fill&finish.

Low-waste, high-yield formulation

In 2021 India reported a rise in the cost of pharmaceutical API raw materials of 140% for many substances and 50% on average for all (Times of India.) With 60 - 80% of the world’s APIs manufactured in India or China those cost rises are now being seen worldwide.

Increasing process yield

As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking at new ways to reduce manufacturing costs. Process yield is a highly relevant metric. The process yield for spray drying pharmaceuticals today, for example, is around 40 – 70%. This means that around 30 – 60% of production materials are wasted in every production batch. LaminarPace is a low-waste and high-yield system, with a typical process yield of around 80%, delivering competitive cost savings for biopharmaceutical formulation and production.

Spray drying


process yield



Ambient drying


process yield



Particle engineering

As well as LaminarPace's high process yield, the system’s particle engineering capabilities mean that it is well-suited to formulating and producing products for inhalation as capsules, vials or gels – all highly cost-efficient for storage and transport in comparison to injectables - as an integrated part of the manufacturing process.

3D modeling and Digital Twin

The company is also carrying out an advanced 3D modeling project with the the Zurich University of Applied Sciences’s School of Engineering (ZHAW.) This project is producing detailed, accurate and predictive 3D models of ambient drying. These will be a valuable tool in tech transfer and partnering – enabling LaminarPace to be adapted to and integrated into clients’ existing manufacturing processes quickly and cost-effectively.

Ziccum planned to develop LaminarPace as a unique unit of pharmaceutical manufacturing from its original spinout from Inhalation Sciences in 2017. At the heart of Ziccum’s industrial work is the company’s Quality by Design, continuous development approach.