CEO’s Seasons Greetings 2023: A pivotal year of significant results

At the end of an exciting and eventful year, Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner summarizes the milestones reached, the robust Ziccum Strategic roadmap underpinning them and looks forward to a busy and dynamic 2024.

Dear colleagues, partners, shareholders and friends,

I’d like to thank all of you for an intense and very productive year together. It is a privilege to be collaborating with highly committed industry professionals to take a new, exciting technology forward to improve the pharmaceutical potential for biologics, for the ultimate benefit of successful vaccines and patient cures.

We have delivered excellent progress and results:

  • Three fully funded Feasibility studies signed, with leading corporations in their sector.
  • Highly positive results from efficient internal trials, including externally validated activity confirmations in our internal mRNA/LNP project.
  • Continued progress in our technology development, in both our LaminarPaceTM development project and the digital 3D-modelling LaPaSim project, for optimizing the technology, scale-out and creating a digital twin.
  • Three new patent applications with broad intellectual property coverage and a strengthened IP position.
  • A robust Business development pipeline with increasing industry interest for our technology.
  • A new collaboration started with the University of Copenhagen on inhalable mRNA/LNP.
  • Continued organizational development, strengthening Ziccum’s capabilities.

As we all know, today’s achievements and success are always built on yesterday’s professional outlook, analysis, and focused planning. This year has been the successful realization of the strategy and business model that we put in place for the company in 2022.

From the near-term goals of the Ziccum roadmap to the key milestones in our Strategic plan taking our technology to market, this robust strategic framework has enabled the progress during 2023 and will continue to do so in 2024, in what is set to be a busy and exciting year. Our new business model – offering technology licensing to industry partners via paid feasibility studies – has been proven with great success, already generating fully funded agreements with world-leading corporations, which turned Ziccum into a revenue generating company in 2023.

I’d like to thank all colleagues, shareholders, partners, and peers for your continued commitment, and send you all warm wishes for enjoyable holidays,

Ann Gidner
Ziccum AB