ZICCUM AB: global vaccine cold chain moves to top of news agenda as world calls for action

The challenge facing global vaccine supply chains has moved firmly to the top of the global news and healthcare agenda over the last week. From UNICEF to the BBC to the University of Birmingham, headlines like ‘8,000 jumbo jets needed to deliver doses globally says IATA’ (BBC) reflect a new understanding of the challenges of the Cold Chain—and the urgent need for new creativity and collaboration around global vaccine supply.

The global vaccine Cold Chain is in the spotlight as never before. With 321 vaccine candidates currently in development urgent attention is now turning to how a successful vaccine will be able to be distributed globally in the required volumes once approved, as well as disruption and delay to present immunization due to Covid-19. The extensive number of articles highlighting the Cold Chain recently include the following:

UNICEF The Time to Prepare for COVID-19 Vaccine Transport is Now. "Vaccines must be handled and transported in line with international regulatory requirements, at controlled temperatures and without delay to ensure the quality of the product… it is clear that the scale of activity will be vast, that Cold Chain facilities will be required and that delivery to every corner of the planet will be needed."

The Telegraph: Daunting task of distribution exposed as it emerges some vaccines must be 'deep frozen' at -70C

The BBC World vaccine delivery 'will need 8,000 jumbo jets'. "Not all planes are suitable for delivering vaccines as they need a typical temperature range of between 2 and 8C for transporting drugs. Some vaccines may require freezing temperatures which would exclude more aircraft."

ABC News: Pfizer may win the COVID vaccine race. But distributing it could be another matter. Needing deep-freeze storage could complicate a massive rollout.

University of Birmingham: Scientists create blueprint to vaccinate in Bangladesh and beyond – "Universal vaccine access is already a major challenge in low-income countries, due to the lack of robust refrigerated cooling networks especially to remote communities. Mass vaccination for COVID-19 will need to deliver vaccines to people globally at scale and speed never before considered."

Ziccum CEO Goran Conradson: "As we get nearer to a Covid-19 vaccine, attention is finally turning to how we will be able to deliver it when it is actually approved. As well as the alarming backlog of undelivered, un-administered vaccines we’re seeing build up because of the Covid-19 emergency. The fact is that as a species we need vaccines right now as we’ve never needed them before. Yet vaccine access and coverage is suffering everywhere we look. Dry powder vaccines could reach the people who need them most anywhere in the world with no need for a cold chain, achieving WHO CTC requirements. The answer is there, so we’re pleased to see now more and more people asking the question – can the Cold Chain deliver?"

Ziccum Chairman Fredrik Sjövall: "This is a tipping point in scientific as well as public opinion. These are not just journalistic articles. This kind of focus over an issue shows that the time is now for new collaboration and creativity around the Cold Chain. We don’t have time to wait."

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Ziccum AB (publ) develops new patented formulations of biological drugs where sensitivity to temperature differences, especially during transportation, currently limits medical and so commercial potential. The company’s patented technology, LaminarPace, develops dry powder formulations of drugs and vaccines that currently only exist in liquid form. By doing so Ziccum can increase the availability of drugs and vaccines in existing markets—and open up new ones.

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