Ziccum CEO Göran Conradson tours Swedish investors: `powders, not liquids the future for biologic therapies”

“Biologics are one of the fastest-growing therapies in the world, yet 80% are still formulated as liquids—so they’re extremely costly to transport. We have a solution”, Ziccum CEO Göran Conradson is presenting to investors in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö on the Ziccum investment case: formulating vaccines and biologics from liquids to powders.

Göran Conradson, CEO for Ziccum AB, is a man on a mission: To formulate biologic therapies, including vaccines, proteins and antibodies, as powders not liquids. Making them more resilient and cost-effective to transport, and enabling Ziccum’s clients to reach new markets, and license out new patents from the company.

Conradson has now been touring Sweden’s main cities with the investment case. To catch up with him, watch all his investor presentations on ziccum.com here. He has presented to investors in Gothenburg at Aktiespararana day, in Malmö for the same event, and at an FS Market event in Stockholm.

Göran Conradson has worked continuously with protein in all its forms throughout his career: From manufacturing, analysis, and novel therapeutics—back to manufacturing as Chief Executive Office of Ziccum.

For more information on Ziccum, please contact:

Göran Conradson: CEO 
Email: conradson@ziccum.com

Mob: +46 709 61 55 99

About Ziccum AB

Ziccum AB develops and commercializes the patented spray-drying instrument LaminarPace®. LaminarPace is an innovative, CE-labelled instrument that dries small amounts of drug substances with very low losses. The vast majority of pharmaceutical projects prefer substances in dry powder form, as it increases their stability, durability and simplifies logistics and transportation. LaminarPace is also unique in its ability to handle temperature-sensitive materials such as proteins and peptides.