Ziccum CEO to present at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit

The CEO presentation held at the Annual General Meeting of Ziccum AB on May 24th will also be given at BioStock Life Science Spring Summit on May 30-31, 2023 by CEO Ann Gidner. The presentation in Swedish will focus on the company’s recent major milestone achievements, in successful technology development and in partnering with a leading Biopharmaceutical corporation focused on mRNA.

Ziccum’s pharmaceutical drying technology LaminarPace, is unique. Its mass transfer principle enables liquid biopharmaceuticals – including vaccines and biologics – to be dried as thermostable dry powder with no elevated temperatures, avoiding heat stress and resulting degradation, unlike today’s legacy drying technologies.

CEO Ann Gidner will present the company’s recent milestone achievements – confirmation of succesful drying of active mRNA/LNP materials with in-vitro activity, the filing of three new patents in its new IP strategy and a new fully-funded Feasibility study with a leading Biopharmaceutical corporation focused on mRNA. The presentation will also describe LaminarPace and its unique capabilities within biologics and vaccines, with market overviews.

CEO Ann Gidner: “Vaccine development, and mRNA platform technologies in particular, are attracting historic levels of investment right now. LaminarPace has unique capabilities to make new, valuable patient treatments possible, addressing the issue of vaccine or mRNA stability and administration. I am looking forward to sharing our great updates with individual and institutional investors in Sweden.”

Register for the event here: https://www.biostock.se/en/biostock-life-science-summit-may-2023/