Ziccum CEO to present at first annual event for Biopharma/Biotech disruptors hosted by major US bank in New York City

On Tuesday May 14th, in Park Avenue New York City, Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner will present at the first event on high-value biotech and biopharma disruptor technologies to be hosted by CapitalOne, one of the US’ largest bank corporations. She will present as part of an expert panel regarding mRNA and gene therapeutics.

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner joins a program of biopharma and biotech technologies identified by CapitalOne as having particularly high potential in their first ever event for disruptive biopharma technology. The day includes presentations on new research areas ranging from next-generation targeted cancer therapies to the large wave of new RNA and mRNA therapies. Ann Gidner will present Ziccum alongside ReCode Therapeutics and Tome Biosciences in the mRNA and Gene therapeutics track.

The event highlights the very keen attention from the US investment community currently in new biopharma technologies and its significantly increased interest and investment in the mRNA field.

Ann Gidner: “I am very proud to represent Ziccum at this invite-only event where one of the largest banks in the USA, CapitalOne, has handpicked their choice of most attractive cases for investment in disruptive technology. It is very good timing to showcase our unique technology, the impressive data generation and progress in industry partnerships to such an esteemed and relevant audience. It will be a pleasure to meet US colleagues and peers yet again”.