Ziccum further extends evaluation agreement with leading pharmaceutical corporation

Lund, June 3, 2022 —Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has extended an ongoing pilot evaluation study agreement with a leading pharmaceutical corporation following the completion of the latest stage of the project. Ziccum will ship the dry-formulated study materials from its facilities in Lund to the corporation’s labs at the end of June, where they will be evaluated

The study is analyzing Ziccum’s drying capabilities on a major vaccine platform technology using LaminarPace TM – Ziccum’s ambient dry formulation system for vaccines and biologics. Ziccum is now in the process of packaging and labeling the dry formulated study materials and will ship them to the company’s labs at the end of June.

LaminarPace TM can gently dry liquid biologics and vaccines at room temperature with the active ingredient remaining intact. Dry-formulated thermostable vaccines could be transported with no need for refrigerated transport or storage – potentially solving a perennial challenge for the global vaccine industry. Ziccum has recently sharpened the focus of its research onto three major vaccine platforms that are the base for many existing vaccines on the market, and a wide range of new vaccines in development.

Ziccum has continued the technological development of LaminarPace TM throughout the present collaboration as it continues the system’s scale-up towards eventual GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) status for industrial manufacture.

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner: ”The positive and constructive commitment on both sides through this collaboration underlines how valuable the project is for all of us. At Ziccum now we are focused firmly on this kind of high-value project – projects which can generate new data, new formulations and ultimately new patents and partnerships.”