Ziccum installs new cell lab enabling in-house in vitro research

Lund, June 22, 2022 —Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has completed the installation of a new cell lab, on schedule, as part of its strategy of intensive technology development. The new cell lab increases the company’s capabilities in its own mRNA/LNP research and data generation. It will enable Ziccum to carry out in vitro studies on thermostable formulations of vaccines and biologics that do not require freezing or refrigeration to be stored or transported worldwide.

On April 26 Ziccum announced that it was in the process of installing a new cell lab to enable in vitro studies and increase its in-house capabilities in mRNA/LNP research. The target for completion was Q2 2022. That target has now been reached on schedule.

The new lab is part of Ziccum’s intensive strategy of stepwise technology development, running in parallel with a new streamlined portfolio of research projects focused on three targeted vaccine platforms.

mRNA/LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle) materials are seen by many as representing a new era in vaccinology, and were the crucial delivery vehicles that enabled both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. LaminarPace (LAPA), the company’s ambient drying system, achieved encouraging results with early dry formulations of LNP materials, which lead to the focus on the mRNA/LNP platform.

However, the new cell lab will not only strengthen Ziccum’s capabilities in mRNA/LNP. In the longer term it will offer increased opportunities to generate biological data on other platforms and substances.

Since September 2021 Ziccum’s technology development has accelerated significantly, driven by a highly structured Quality by Design approach that has led to important new features that have improved safety, cleanability and further reduced humidity of the LAPA system. The current LAPA, the fourth generation of the system, underwent an intensive Factory Acceptance Test, and a Site Acceptance Test on its installation at Ziccum’s facilities in June.

Director of Development Anna Lönn: “Structure, focus and scrupulous documentation are essential for successful industrial development. Since September this approach has accelerated development and delivered significant new enhancements and features. We are becoming more confident and mature, in parallel, in both our technology and project development. The new cell lab will enhance and accelerate our data generation and capabilities.”