Ziccum launches new, expanded website

Lund, Nov 14, 2022 —Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has launched a new website, developed in partnership with the Chords Agency in Malmö. With a new brand platform, the expanded site aims to strengthen the company’s dialogue with biopharmaceutical partners and prospects. It includes new technological, scientific and business content, and improved navigability.

The new site went live at 1600 CET on December 14, 2022. The site reflects Ziccum’s new strategic focus areas and business model, which have driven the company’s progress and operations significantly since May 2022.

New content for new target groups
The site aims to significantly strengthen Ziccum’s dialogue with advanced biopharmaceutical drug formulation and development teams, in addition to investors and other stakeholders. The pharma industry development teams are a key target group that Ziccum has been reaching out to with renewed focus at industry events throughout the second half of 2022, establishing many new dialogues.

The new site offers biopharma formulation and manufacturing professionals new and relevant content on ambient drying – the company’s unique high-yield method that eliminates heat stress and degradation. It describes how LaminarPace, the company’s ambient drying system, works, with its ongoing technology and industrial development. A new messaging platform sets out the benefits of LaminarPace and ambient drying in both the development and manufacture of next-generation biologics.

New graphic profile
Visually, the site contains a new graphic profile, including new images of LaminarPace, the pilot facilities and the Ziccum team. Navigation in the site has been improved significantly, allowing visitors to experience a wider range of relevant scientific and business content meeting their needs.

Ziccum CFO Frida Hjelmberg: “The whole Ziccum organization has contributed together in a strong collaboration with Chords. We are pleased that the site contains new content on our ambient drying technology, projects and licensing model that we think will be of great interest to our peers and colleagues in the biopharmaceutical industry.”
Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner: “We are very pleased to present this new platform for Ziccum. It gives a brand-new look, our new messaging and expanded content, with much-improved descriptions of our unique offering – reflecting our new focused strategy with business orientation for industrialization.”

Visit the new site here www.ziccum.com