Ziccum selects partner for development of crucial new nebulizer component

Ziccum has chosen TEKCELEO, an innovative mechatronic manufacturer with advanced knowledge of nebulizers, for the development of its new nebulizer. The component is central to the advanced drying capabilities and scaleup of Ziccum’s LaminarPace system, which formulates vaccines as thermostable powders that require no cold chain transport.

Ziccum has chosen TEKECELO from competing vendors, including larger suppliers with less advanced knowledge of nebulizers, for the further development of its core nebulizer component. It is an innovative manufacturing company specializing in mechatronic and piezoelectric technology with an advanced portfolio of nebulizers, headquartered in Mougins, just outside Cannes, France.

Positive onsite audit
The decision follows an onsite audit of the company facilities carried out in June by a Ziccum team of senior formulation specialist Fabrice Rose, technical operation manager Rasmus Lund and senior project manager Stefan Qvarnström.

Fabrice Rose: “The nebulizer is a core component of the LaminarPace (LAPA) ambient drying system. The more accurate we can be with the humidity and spray rate created at nebulization, the better prepared we will be for progressing through each step of GMP compliance.”

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner: “We are confident this will be a productive collaboration. We look forward to progressing this vital work.”

Ziccum expects to receive the first prototypes of the new nebulizer by Q4 2022.