Ziccum signs Evaluation Agreement for Feasibility Study with major global Pharmaceutical Corporation

As of today, Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has signed a new Evaluation Agreement with a major global Pharmaceutical Corporation. The agreement is to perform a funded Feasibility study aiming to develop thermostable dry powder formulations in the partner mRNA/LNP projects, with a planned extension for stability testing and an option to license the LaminarPace technology.

Ziccum’s new partner is one of the world’s top pharmaceutical corporations. The new agreement is for a funded Feasibility study aiming at developing dry powder versions of the partner’s mRNA/LNP materials. The formal terms of the agreement include a planned extension including stability testing, if the first step is successful, plus an option for the Pharmaceutical Corporation to negotiate a license to the LaminarPace technology.

Since May 2022, Ziccum has created a substantial pipeline of new dialogues within the pharmaceutical industry. In parallel the company strengthened its focus on mRNA in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), with proof of drying mRNA/LNP materials with well-preserved vaccine activity in March 2023. mRNA in LNP formulation is the vaccine technology that was key to the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines and is currently one of the most fast-developing fields within pharmaceutical development world-wide. During spring, CEO Ann Gidner has presented the Ziccum mRNA/LNP capabilities and findings, fueling industry interest, at several international summits and conferences.

This is the second agreement Ziccum has signed with a leading global pharmaceutical corporation in just over two months, thanks to the significant scientific and commercial progress the company has made based on new strategy and new leadership. The agreement signing is a milestone achievement in Ziccum’s Project Portfolio. 

The current project is expected to commence in July 2023 and the first stage will run for a number of months. Both parties will be evaluating the properties of the resulting materials.

CEO Ann Gidner: “The Ziccum team is certainly excited to begin this important and well-designed project in such a valuable field. Partnering up with this high caliber Pharma Corporation is an honor for us, and it brings significant future business potential. Hopefully generating excellent results, this collaboration can enable important advantages in the development of mRNA/LNP treatments for our partner.”