Ziccum signs Evaluation Agreement with Biopharmaceutical Corporation focused on mRNA technologies

Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has signed an Evaluation agreement with a Biopharmaceutical Corporation focused on mRNA technologies to commence a Feasibility study regarding LaminarPace for ambient drying of mRNA/LNP materials and/or mRNA vaccine(s). mRNA is a top strategic priority for Ziccum, and in March 2023 it announced positive results in its in-house project, drying active mRNA in LNP formulation.

Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has signed an Evaluation agreement with a Biopharmaceutical Corporation focused on mRNA technologies. This new agreement is for a fully financed Feasibility study, formulating and drying mRNA/LNP materials with LaminarPace ambient drying.

The Evaluation agreement signing is a milestone achievement in one of the highlighted partnering dialogues in Ziccum’s regularly updated Project Portfolio overview. Since 2022, following new leadership and a significant strategic refocus, Ziccum has successfully pursued a dynamic partnering agenda, creating a pipeline of industrial dialogues.

The agreement is the result of keen interest in the LaminarPace technology to generate dry powder materials in mRNA/LNP technology development. This is based on successful results on the mRNA/LNP platform for LaminarPace, an entirely new drying technology making dry powder biopharmaceuticals possible. The Feasibility study is expected to start in May 2023.

CEO Ann Gidner: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with such an important, leading mRNA player and to continue work in this highly interesting field. For us at Ziccum this collaboration confirms the strong interest for our novel technology, enabling thermostable biopharmaceuticals in general and the most fragile mRNA/LNP in particular, and it confirms our outreach in the international Pharma industry. We are indeed excited to move forward.”

Chairman Fredrik Sjövall: “This agreement is a breakthrough for Ziccum and a strong acknowledgement of what our technology can offer the key players in this industry. It also confirms our new strategy, business model and capability to move partnering dialogues forward, thanks to the combination of good leadership and strong technical data being generated in well-defined internal trials.”