ZICCUM signs Letter of Intent to explore integrating Ziccum technology into innovative vaccine biomanufacturing line

(Lund, Sweden, March 26, 2020) An innovative vaccine biomanufacturer has formally declared its intention to explore incorporating Ziccum technology into its manufacture of measles and rubella vaccines, with the ultimate aim of reducing the cost of vaccines for children.

The agreement is to begin exploring the incorporation of LaminarPace, Ziccum's dry powder drug formulation tool, into the manufacture of measles and rubella vaccines. By formulating vaccines as dry powders, LaminarPace could eliminate the need for Cold Chain refrigerated infrastructure in supply chains. Dry powder vaccines would be faster, simpler and more cost-effective to transport, reaching more children in fragile, poor, war-torn and remote regions.

With measles cases more than doubling in 2018, and the vast majority of measles deaths being children under 5 yrs. (1), UNICEF identifies increased measles immunisation as an urgent priority. UNICEF points out that the current global demand for measles vaccines (450 million doses) significantly exceeds the number of supplied doses needed (270 million – two per 135 million children). UNICEF says this is because of "coverage and wastage rates" (2). Currently, vaccine formulations require extensive refrigerated cold chains even in poor, often hot remote areas to reach full coverage. Ziccum's air drying vaccine technology LaminarPace, formulates vaccines that can be shipped as stable, temperature-resistant dry powders-reducing waste and coverage costs and increasing access.

UNICEF recognizes that "new market entrants (to vaccine manufacture) are needed to improve market health, diversity, supply and reduce supply risk". UNICEF anticipates issuing a new tender for vaccine manufactures in 2020, for supply in 2021.

Ziccum CEO Göran Conradson: "This is a landmark agreement that could ultimately transform global access to vaccines. It's never been more urgent to tackle under-vaccination. Measles cases more than doubled in 2018, and 2019 data already show a three-fold increase in the number of cases compared to the same time last year (3). If the US had Samoa's current number of measles cases, 7 million Americans would be infected (4) We're proud to be taking this brave and timely initiative with our partners as part of our shared commitment to increasing global access to vaccines".


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About Ziccum

Ziccum AB (publ) develops new patented formulations of biological drugs where sensitivity to temperature differences, especially during transportation, currently limits medical and so commercial potential. The company's patented technology, LaminarPace, develops dry powder formulations of drugs and vaccines that currently only exist in liquid form. By doing so Ziccum can increase the availability of drugs and vaccines in existing markets-and open up new ones.

This press release has been submitted for publication by the company's CEO on March 26, 2020 according to EU Market Abuse Regulations.