Ziccum’s Board of Directors and Management Group use all their Unit Rights in the ongoing new share issue.

On January 22, Ziccum announced that financing until 2025 had been secured through a combined directed issue and rights issue. The subscription price per Unit in the Rights Issue amounts to SEK 6.80 and each Unit consists of one (1) share and one (1) free warrant of series TO5. The subscription period is currently running until February 14. The Board and Management will use all their Unit Rights for the subscription of shares and warrants in the current issue.

The directed New Issue and the Rights Issue are carried out combined to effectively secure working capital for continued aggressive business and technical development and in a way that gives the Company's shareholders the opportunity to participate in the financing. Taking into account the Directed New Issue, and assuming that the Rights Issue is fully subscribed, Ziccum will receive an initial liquid of a total of approximately SEK 13.5 million, after deduction for issue costs of a total of approximately SEK 1 million.