Ziccums CEO Ann Gidner in Fireside Chat on mRNA development hosted by US Force Family Office

Based on the growing reputation that Ziccum is building in the international pharmaceutical industry, Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner has taken part in a recorded Fireside Chat reviewing the mRNA arena, its tremendous growth, and the shortcomings of the RNA/LNP technology which can be addressed by treatment with the Ziccum technology LaminarPace.

The discussion included the valuable participation of Dr Romain Micol, CEO and co-founder of Combined Therapeutics; a privately held Boston-based biotechnology company developing the next generation of high value mRNA vaccines. Dr Micol shared his insights in the field and his appreciation for the LaminarPace technology, as a Key Opinion Leader for mRNA development.

The event was hosted by Force Family Office, in the Force for Knowledge series, where participants across the world can learn about emerging technologies, companies and sectors, and was moderated by Steven Saltzstein, CEO of Force.

To access the recorded Fireside chat, please see link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWiWlGMEvM4