Meet the project team

Louise Egeblad: External Projects Manager

With a PhD in Biochemistry from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU and an MSc in Chemistry and Molecular Biology from Roskilde University, Denmark, Louise has extensive experience as a Senior Project Manager in industrial biotech organizations and is strongly team- and results-oriented.

From early-stage evaluation discussions Louise will manage the Ziccum’s team of formulations technicians and process engineers who will be working on your compound.

Fabrice Rose, Scientific Director

The author or co-author of 16 peer-reviewed publications on vaccine formulation, our Scientific director Fabrice Rose will lead the scientific evaluation of your substances, and their optimization for ambient drying.

Fabrice has 20 years’ plus experience in formulation and drug delivery, including ten year’s lab work specializing in the design and characterization of nanoparticulate vaccine formulations and the physical stability of protein antigens. Highly result-oriented, Fabrice will bring dtermination, resourcefulness and a strong commitment to solving new challenges with a strategic mindset to your project.