Ziccum’s project portfolio

What sets a Ziccum development project apart?

As a unique, ambient methodology, LaminarPace drying delivers new insights into molecules’ properties, stability, thermostability and potential for new administration and processing options.


Ziccum’s project team has extensive expertise and experience in pharmaceutical formulation, biochemistry and particle engineering.


LaminarPace has formulated mRNA, proteins, peptides, antibodies, lipids and enzymes.as dry powders. The system has worked successfully with a range of excipients, and adjuvants and antigens.


LaminarPaceTM drying offers advanced thermostability outcomes and advanced opportunities for novel administration routes.

Particle engineered

Ambient drying allows greater control over key properties of particles, and its particle-engineered powders are fast-dissolving. Evaluation and Feasibility studies can evaluate a substances’ capacity for inhalation, transdermal or topical application through the skin or reconstitution for intravenous administration.

Our projects can help clients see molecules and compounds they have worked with for years in a new way.

Because it is a new methodology LaminarPace can teach you more about your substance, illuminating new characteristics in stability, thermostability, API activity and particle dissolution.

That's why we always take a big-picture as well as stepwise approach – because we’re aware of the new possibilities that this formulation can deliver.

- Louise Egeblad, Ziccum external project manager