Göran Conradson, CEO of Ziccum

“A collective challenge calls for a collective solution. We aim to work closely with global health organisations, vaccine manufacturers, global and regional governments and healthcare systems so that our technology can transform the vaccine landscape for the benefit of all.”



We will work with global partners to increase the vaccination rate for new-born babies from today’s 86% – to 95% worldwide.



Ziccum is committed to ensuring that our new dry-powder versions of the world’s most effective vaccines get to those who need them most. We cannot do this alone as a single company. We work and will continue to work closely with global health organisations, vaccine manufacturers, individual governments and others to ensure that our technology can transform the vaccine landscape for the benefit of all.

The data Ziccum has obtained indicates no loss of vaccine/virus activity after storage at 40°C for a month and the process as such, has very high yields.
The excellent data the company has indicates less dependency on the cold chain and therefore could have a major impact on accessibility and preparedness of vaccines to achieve +95% coverage of new-born babies, as well as support in more efficient stockpiling efforts, better address outbreaks and in general improve the rate of vaccinations.

Global health organisations, from WHO, GAVI, UNICEF, PATH, MSF, CHAI, CEPI to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation….the list continues…are all aware that the cold chain is simply not fit for purpose and are looking for innovative solutions. Yet, we still haven’t been able to crack the cold chain. We believe we can do it together.

We will work closely with vaccine manufacturers, as appropriate, to ensure that our technology can be scaled up effectively, targeting current and emerging viruses for the benefit of all.

Transportation and delivery of vaccines is a huge logistical exercise. It requires roll out in countries – many facing huge health, social and political challenges. Our hope is to work closely with individual governments, supply chain stakeholders in country to ensure that dry-powder vaccines can liberate and emancipate both the healthcare professionals administering the vaccines and those who receive them. For far too long has cold chain dependency held us back!

A partnership approach is central to our way of working. Ziccum collaborates with various organisations to make sure we roll out dry-powder vaccines in the most effective way possible.

It’s our commitment to ensure that we can improve vaccine access by reducing dependency on the cold chain. Clearly, we can’t do this alone and we wish to engage constructively with the global health community so that the world at large can benefit from such a new technology. We can only win the cold war together!

Ziccum fully supports existing policy efforts on vaccination – but we can move the needle even further!

Ziccum supports that vaccination is high on the global policy agenda, as demonstrated by just some of the illustrative examples below:

  • Global health organisations, the EU and individual governments and others urgently seeking ways with researchers and industry to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.
  • The Global Vaccination Summit 23 held in Brussels on 12 September 2019 – highlighting the need for development and innovation for new or improved vaccine and delivery devices.
  • The new WHO strategy for immunisation – Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) 24 – covering the period 2021-2030 – focusing not only on new vaccine development but also on accelerating innovations to improve program performance and to enhance the delivery of immunization.
  • GAVI’s replenishment 25 to raise funds for the 2021-25 period.
  • Horizon Europe 26  – the ambitious €100 billion research and innovation program that succeeds Horizon 2020. Launching at the start of 2021 – this we hope will be a major opportunity for vaccine funding.
  • The Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy (VIPS) 27 – aiming to drive vaccine product innovation to better meet country needs. Currently at a technical level, we hope this will lead to more policy-led discussions.
  • Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE) 28 – helping improve vaccine delivery systems by connecting high-impact, proven innovations with the countries that need them most.

It is essential that we create a favourable policy and regulatory environment that strongly supports vaccine innovation in terms of NOT just development, but ALSO formulation of vaccines. We need to move the needle of vaccine innovation – countless lives can be saved if we bring together the political will and the best of science, combined with strong implementation in the field.

Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gauteng, on 13 May 2008

“Life or death for a young child too often depends on whether he or she is born in a country where vaccines are available or not.”

Nelson Mandela 29

Ziccum calls upon all relevant stakeholders involved to understand their responsibility to crack the cold chain and to work closely together to further vaccine coverage in the developing world and to ensure optimal access to vaccines to prepare for any epidemic and pandemic threats.



Spotlight on Ziccum’s work with
the Emerging Virus Unit in Marseille

The Emerging Virus Unit (Unité des Virus Émergents) is one of the world’s leading virology laboratories. Ziccum has engaged UVE to use Ziccum’s technology to develop and formulate vaccines and viruses as dry powders, boosting global access to them and making them significantly faster and cheaper to transport.

Ziccum has engaged UVE in the company’s development of new dry versions of vaccines in the highly advanced laboratories (BSL3) available at UVE.

During an initial 18-month period UVE will formulate and test a wide range of viruses and vaccines as dry powders with an ultimate goal to make them transportable without any need for cold chain refrigeration.

23 Global Vaccination Summit: