Ziccum awarded 0.5 MSEK from Horizon 2020—EU’s biggest Research and Innovation program

11 July, 2018

CEO Göran Conradson: “We’re well aware of how tough competition is for this funding, and how extensively applications are reviewed and evaluated. All projects selected in Horizon 2020 are seen as ground-breaking in their own way. We’re really proud and happy to be chosen.”

It’s the most ambitious Research and Innovation programme the EU has ever launched. Horizon 2020 draws on the expertise of international experts to identify high-potential world-firsts, and grow them from the lab to the market—growing Europe’s science and industry leadership in the process.

The 0.5 MSEK is to help Ziccum develop the scale-up of LaminarPace. The spray drying tool dries vaccines, peptides and biologics at room temperature—transforming them into robust, easy-to-transport dry powders. The technology could lead to the development of a new generation of novel, stable, worldwide therapies, with IP rights built on LaminarPace.

Ziccum has been awarded a Phase One grant. The objective is to carry out a feasibility study for an aseptic and scaled-up version of the current system for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

LaminarPace: From gentleness—strength   

LaminarPace is already fully operational for small-scale applications. Horizon 2020 funding will help develop scale-up to industrial application and incorporation into client’s production processes. Tests, pilots and collected feedback will validate the larger system and provide evidence to present to pharmaceutical customers and stakeholders. Göran Conradson: “As a technology, LaminarPace is all about strength—from gentleness. Developing stronger, more robust therapies from gently micronizing sensitive substances at room temperature. The new substances developed in this way could represent a whole new generation of therapies, generic and novel, all stronger, more active and more cost-effective, from the gentlest and most efficient of formulations.”

Ziccum AB, a subsidiary of Inhalation Sciences, aims to be listed in a formal IPO in Q4 2018.